Websites portfolio

Here's a bunch of websites I've made earlier. Feel free to click around and explore.

big-icon Mwahaha

Mwahaha is a psychedelic rock band from California. To reflect the band's style, I went for wild colour transitions and an animated header with transparency effects. The site runs on MrAroCMS.

big-icon Joachim Gardens

Joachim Gardens is a landscaper based in London. The pictures of their gardens speak for themselves so I focused on showcasing them as best as possible and added some of my own photographic elements to tie in with the theme. This site is also powered by MrAroCMS.

big-icon Cast the dice

Cast the Dice is a blog about new music. To create a distinctive and immediately recognisable look whilst still letting the content stand out, I used a single colour theme with bold contrast. The header was made by throwing two thousand 3D dice into a physics simulator. This site runs on Wordpress.

Pevin Kinel

Pevin Kinel is the name of my one man band. The website, written from scratch, has changed many times over the years, but its current incarnation, with randomly generated home page, full-frame pages and The Pevin Bay, is the best version yet.


Marinade is a band from Normandy who sing the Sea! The site, which just had to be blue, incorporates some of the band's album artworks. It's one of my earlier websites and next on my list for a MrAro CMS upgrade.